Beyond 2020 Professional Browser

Beyond 2020 Professional Browser 7.1

This program allows you to view,chart,map,analyze,export, print and save data
7.1 (See all)

Your data has an important story to tell. Beyond 20/20 Browsers bring that story to life by presenting it in a friendly, easy-to-understand format. View, chart, map, analyze, export, print, and save data, quickly and easily, with either of Beyond 20/20's powerful browsers. With over 500,000 Browsers in use worldwide, our Browsers have a proven track record. Publication Browser gives you the power to slice through data with ease, while Professional Browser provides added features that allow you to handle micro data. Data has never been so easy to understand!

Some Product Highlights include:

- Ease of use, speed and performance.
- High-impact visualization through interactive mapping and charting.
- A data dissemination product that allows your users to export data to the format of their choice.

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